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Re: "topping" Amazon Swords

The amazon sword plants in our 100 gallon tank have grown so robustly
that the we recently decided to "top" them.  The leaves had grown out of
the water filling over half of the hood and were cutting off much of the
light to the lower growing plants and causing the Oak hood to warp.  We
cut the leaves off just above the water line, leaving the stalks which
we like as part of the look of the tank.  We filled a 5 gallon bucket
over half full with leaves.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  Will
"topping" do long term damage to the plants?  The tank is illuminated by
2-40 watt shop light bulbs and 2-40 watt grow lux bulbs,  the substrate
is medium sand blast grit, and the plants are fertilized by spot feeding
via the Plantguild pellet system , no undergravel heating is provided. 
We would appreciate anyone with information on the effects of "topping"
to respond.
Bill Terburg
Email: terburg at familychest_com
Web:   http://www.familychest.com/plantguild/