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Re: Mission Impossible Planted Tank


My suggestion would be to substitute 2 - 40 watt Triton Fluorescent tubes
for the ones you listed.  If your aquarium doesn't get too warm, you will
grow most of the plants that you listed.

Good luck!

Merrill Cohen

Andy wrote:

My boss at the LFS has chosen me to set up and maintain our planted display
tank.  I am to do so only within the following constraints.

Tank: standard 75 gallon, All Glass
Filtration: Millenium 1000
Substrate: 1 bag flourite, tex-blast to 4"
Lighting: 2x40w, 48" Coralife ColorMax tubes
CO2: Ceomat system

Fish: 50 Cardinal Tetras

Lilaeopsis (lawn)
Hygrophila polysperma
Vesicularia dubyana
Shinnersia rivularis
Cabomba carolinia
Eleocharis acicularis

The lighting issue has been brought to his attention and he replied that
when he was a kid, he kept aquatic plants with no water circulation, a
striplight and no fertilization and they did great--plus, lights cost money
and you can't sell disply lights for the full markup.  I am still going to
suggest that we use the 110w 48" Perfecto SHO light strip rather than NO
flourescents, but expect rejection.

Any ideas?  Please?