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Slimy light green algae on the edges of my leaves

Hi there,

Iīm an aquarist from Sweden who three months ago set up a dense planted 200 gallon aquaria with a substrate containing a mix of mineral clay/silt soil and vermiculite. Until now everything worked perfect, I have had a fantastic growth without any algae problems. However a week ago there was an algae outbreak. The algae I experience is a new one for me. Itīs slimy and light green, almost transparent. It doesnīt smell bad and I find it on the edges of the plantsī leaves especially on my Cabombas and red Myriophyllums but also on the Hygrophila Corymbosas. To be honest I can find some on every plant.
I can remove it with my fingers and it will then float around in small pieces.
The only fertilizer I use is a liquid German one, Sera Florena. The lighting consist of 4 Mercury Vapour lamps 125W each. In addition I use a 150W metal halide 4400K lamp. The temperature of the water is 26-27°. The setup is not close to a window.
I also add lots of CO2 from a tube through a reactor (diffusor). The filter is a wet/dry one from Eheim. I also have a homemade internal hidden one with a huge filter area.
The only fishes in the aquarium are 10 Otocinclus and 20 Siamese Algae Eaters. There is also a Gibbiceps in the aquarium.

Is there anyone who has an idea what is wrong? How can I get rid of this slimy light green algae?

Regards, Anders