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Re: Algal Blooms

Mark Fisher paraphrased a paper by Cifuentes and Eldridge:

>Generally speaking, when nutrients are limiting, diatoms are superior
>competitors for P, while green algae are intermediate and cyanobacteria
>are poor P competitors.  With respect to N, cyanobacteria are the
>superior competitors, followed by diatoms and green algae.  As a
>consequence, when the N:P ratio is high (generally, 16 N atoms for every
>P atom or more) and Si is available, diatoms are favored.  When N:P is
>high and Si is scarce, green algae are favored, and when N:P is low,
>blue-green algae are favored (blue-greens can fix atmospheric nitrogen,
>so they can exist in nitrogen-scarce environments).  However, when both
>N and P are plentiful, and light intensities are high, green algae are
>favored because of their faster growth rate.

Where do you think BBA and other types of algae fit into this? 

Alysoun McLaughlin