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Hydra (2)

Title: Hydra (2)

"Ron Dubbs" wrote: <<<<Hydra cure
I just recently came across a product review concerning this problem. Check
out the Aquarium Frontiers On-Line magazine for October 1997: Product Review
at http://www.aquariumfrontiers.com/ . The article is: "Panacur-a remedy for

Panacur is a medication that is not necessarily well
tolerated by fish.

It is quite clear that most people and reference books feel
that hydra in tanks with adult fish is not a problem at all.

Now, concerning breeding tanks with fry, I am curious to
understand the extent of the problem. I do see hydra come
and go in my apisto breeding tanks, but I never noticed any
substantial impact on the number of fry, and I never read of
any actual report either. It may be that  I
just did not notice it, but I also wonder if indeed it is really
such a big deal. If BBS stimulates the multiplication of hydra,
wouldn't BBS also be the most easy and common food taken
by these freshwater anemones?

I would be very interested in knowing of any first-hand reports of
people that actually lost a substantial portion of their own tank
spawns due to hydra. Anybody on this list?

I am asking this because in my opinion medications should be
used only to solve problems bigger than those created by the
medications themselves. To treat for a remote or theoretical
chance may not be worth it.

"Merrill Cohen" wrote: <<<< Green Water and Hydra
(..)Hydra -- (someone else) -- Get "Clout" and follow directions -- it won't
hurt the plants or fish!>>>>>

Sorry Merrill, this time we disagree. Clout, like
all medications containing metrifonate, may cause quite
visible side effects in fish. They are reversible in most
cases, but they definitely occur.

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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