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>If you can find a buck's worth of wheat pennies, or older Canadian ones, drop
>them in the tank.  Don't do any water changes until the hydra lay over.  Pull
>the pennies out, wait a day to make sure the critters are dead, then change
>25% of the water.  Remove any chost shrimp, snails, or any other inverts in
>your tank first.

Depending on the hardness and pH of your water, you can also kill a lot of
copper sensitive plants and fish this way.  IMO, a bad idea.  As other
people have said, hydra are really not a problem except in a fry tank.
They are usually a sign of overfeeding, and most often seen in tanks that
are fead large amounts of live baby brine. (one of the reasons they can be
particularly troublesome in fry tanks)  Slow down on feeding, and they'll
die off on their own.  Enjoy them while they last.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association