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Re: Other aquarium uses of nylon canvas

James Purchase discussed further uses and here's two more. I buy peat pots
that are 3"x3"x3" and make containers for them the same way that I
described for the breeding box. The peat pots that I buy don't break down
easily and so the nylon canvas provides support without restricting root
development. You can therefore poke some holes through the peat pots to
facilitate their spreading out. Flourite gravel works well this way and
possibly a chemist could comment on the cation exchange potential
improvement, if there is indeed one.

Another use could be as a tank divider for breeding pairs. You could
silicone the plastic binder strips for notepaper to the middle of the tank
sides(on the flat side) and then slide the panel into it. The commercial
dividers for this purpose are stiffer and probably better for that reason,
but for someone on a budget, it might work.

Susan Romano