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green water hell

I wrote about one month ago that I had a green water
problem after a one month vacation.  It cleared up
briefly after a couple of 25% water changes plus the
addition of Kent's Pro Clear.

However, it came back!  Despite water changes and
Pro Clear, it returned.  It's mad now too, because
NOTHING I do is getting rid of it.  What I have tried:

1.  Darkened the tank after water change for 5 days. 
Still slightly green and grew back within one-two days.

2.  Added nitrate (tank was nitrate = 0 for awhile).  No
effect.  Added potassium; no effect.

3.  Purchased a new flocculent: Crystal Clear and
made water changes and added this as per
directions; no effect.

4.  Changed media in Eheim cannister filter regularly;
no effect.  Added carbon; no effect.

5.  Started 25% water changes every other day (this is
about my limit due to R/O water use and manual
method, i.e. I have to haul 5gal bottles around) ,PLUS
addition of Crystal Clear (just in case).  No effect.

6.  Yesterday, I made another water change, added
more Crystal Clear, cleaned the filter, and added a
new thing: Eheim's "Algae Inhibitor". (Anyone heard of
it?).  Effect unknown, although, this morning it was still

I feel like I have tried everything to no avail.  Since I
returned from vacation, I have had green water in this
tank (40gal, 1.5 yrs running) for 5 weeks.  My
Glossostigma is getting etiolated (gangly) and thin. 
I'm afraid to darken for another week due to its bad
effect on that plant in particular.  The other plants look
good, though not great, in the case of Eusteralis.  High
light plants are suffering.

Is this intractable?  Any further suggestions?

Roxanne Bittman