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PPM Conversions

As I understand it - 1mg/l is equal to 1ppm.  My Tetra Nitrate Test (which
BTW costs about US $18), measures mg/l. Between my 10 day water
changes NO3 is roughly 12.5mg/l. This equates to 12.5ppm.
The PMDD postings indicate that NO3 of 2 - 3 ppm is a good target. If this
equates to 2 - 3mg/l, this is unmeasurable. At least on the Tetra Test. Am
I not understanding the conversion of mg/l to ppm or do I need a different
test kit (possibly the $230.00 one. <g>). I am just trying to decipher the
PMDD postings to insure that my trace elements are adequate.