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Plant sales

I just traded in a bunch of plants to the lfs for what I think is a good

Hygrophila, 50 small -$2
Hygrophila, 6 large   -$2
Crypts (unknown variety) -22 tall gangly  -$8
Java fern, 24 small to medium -$16
Java fern, 8 large -$16

This was a trade and not a sale. I got credit that I will use towards
the purchase of a new tank. These all came out of a 140 gallon with
soil-sand-gravel substrate which used to run DIY CO2 but I stoped to
slow the plants down a little. The nice thing is that I can actually see
the fish in the fish tank. Light can actually make it to the bottom of
tank for the smaller plants.  The tank has been over grown for months
and it was very over due for a pruning.