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Re: Setting up New Aquarium... & *J. floridae*

> Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 19:59:21 EST
> From: MyStupidSN at aol_com
> Subject: Setting up New Aquarium.... (please read)


> 4. gravel thickness-  i have reduced my gravel thicknes to about half an inch.
> i will be using lead plant weights to plant those anacharis and hornworts.
> any suggestions on graval thickness?


Peter, I don't dig some of your other plans, but wouldn't discourage
experimenting by too much criticism. This one, IMHO, really sucks. 

You need deeper substrate, hopefully with some Profile or laterite in
the lower 1/3. Try about 2-3 inches.

Lead anchors are dangerous. I used to contend that they were inert in
aquaria. WRONG! If you have ever seen the hideous neurological damage
they can cause as they gradually kill the fish you will never, ever
leave them in a living tank again.

The tendency for tanks to drop in pH over time can lead to the pH
getting down near 7 and below. Lead becomes gradually more soluble at
that point, and does serious damage to any higher life in the tank.
Please reconsider this step unless you keep pH above 8.5 or so.

BTW, I thought hornwort and anachris needed wildly different temperature
ranges. Doesn't anachris usually melt down at tropical tank temps.? The
hornwort should float, anyway.


PS On *J. floridae*, PetsMart has them available throughout their chain.
If they are in the northwest, ask the fish manager to order you some.
Have them call you, so you can buy in the shipping bags, if their tanks
look scuzzy. They come in very clean and healthy.

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