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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #712

> >It costs about almost $300 for Nitrate and Fe testkit(Lamotte).
> There's some mistake in my last message..
> It's US$210.7 + TAX. I guess it would be about $230.

Sungmin Hong claimed that LaMotte Nitrate and Iron Test Kits would cost him
$210.70 + Tax. I don't know where he lives, but I know that whenever I have
seen LaMotte kits available for sale in fish stores in the Toronto area,
they have been pricey as well. But there is a really easy solution - go mail
order! I know how important to support local retailers, and I do whenever I
can, but I am realistic enough to take advantage of the prices offered by
most of the mail order companies that sell aquarium supplies. My current
copy of "That Fish Place" lists the LaMotte Nitrate kit at $41.99 and the
Iron kit is $49.00. This is less than HALF of what he is claiming that it
would cost him. Postage and handling is not going to add much to the cost of
the order.

And if the LaMotte test kits are STILL too pricey for him, there ARE many
other manufacturers of test kits which would at least give him (or her) an
idea of the levels of these nutrients in his water at lower cost.

Giving advice on dosing of chemicals over the Net can be dangerous to the
health of your fish, without knowing the exact water parameters, so I won't
even try.

James Purchase