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Re: Killing Snails Chemically

I had a similar overpopulation of snails several months ago. I looked
into chemical methods of destruction and purchased some "Had-a-Snail"
remover. I believe it was primarily copper (sulfate?). Anyway, I decided
to test the product before introducing it to my tank. I added a dose of
the chemical to a small glass jar and tossed in a snail. Within a minute
he had gone limp and within 5 minutes looked like he was dissolving. I
decided to test again with a more concentrated dose (about 3x). This
time the snail died within 20 seconds and was clearly disintegrating
after 5 min. I figured there was no way I could add this to my tank
(seemed pretty lethal). Instead I removed as many snails as I could and
dumped them in a jar with a 10x chemical solution. They died instantly.
I then purchased a Chinese Algae Eater because I was told he would eat
the eggs. This system has worked perfectly. My population of snails has
decreased a bit over the past 5 months and egg clusters do not last 24
hours. IMHO you should remove snails manually and them kill them
chemically. There are many natural population control methods sworn on
by one person or another.. Do a little research and test them out before
you go with chemicals.

Richard Hostler
Product Information Editor
PC Connection
(603) 423-2234