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Killing snails chemically

I didn't catch the name of who posted about killing snails.
        But here's my two cents. It was mentioned a while back that plants
need trace amounts of copper once in a while. If this is wrong some one
correct me. But if you go to your lfs and get some copper safe. Dose like
you would for ick or other parasites maybe even light for you total volume
of water. This will probably kill the snails since copper safe kills
inverts. I also think it is semi benifical to your plants because they get
a little copper to their diet and it probably won't harm the fish. If I'm
wrong someone jump me!
        I personally like the catch and kill method. I don't like adding
chem except fertilizer that I make myself, I don't trust all those fish
products and I work for a fish store. Think before you add chems to your
ecosystem they have strange long lasting effects.

Matt Estep
Smiley21 at boone_net
828 264 3756

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