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Setting up New Aquarium.... (please read)

Hi everyone!  I'm here to listen to all the possible suggestions...

I have an outdoor 20 gallon tank.  I used to have lots of troubles with green
water.  and recently, most of my fishes died because the temperature of the
water has gone to below 60 degrees!  even in southern california...i would
never expect anything like that to happen to my tank.  

anyhow,  i'm ready to set up a new tank with livebearers.  i really want
opinions from you guys.  

1.  temperature- my new heater is a submersible one.  what would be an ideal
temperature for mollies, platies, swordtails, and guppies?  
2.  i heard that the enviornment has a lot to do with breeding.  under what
kind of enviornment would they be most likely to breed? (temp, plants, food,
3.  in order to prevent those green water from coming back again, i'm planning
to put a whole lot of plants in the aquarium.  also, i will use backing to
block out most of the sunlight.  i'm planning to use water hycinaths as
floating plants.  i would plant as much of hornworts, anacharis aspossible.
any suggestions?
4. gravel thickness-  i have reduced my gravel thicknes to about half an inch.
i will be using lead plant weights to plant those anacharis and hornworts.
any suggestions on graval thickness?
5.  filtration- i would be using a small internal filter (the duetto dj-100)
to do all of the filtering.    will that be enough?
6.   and i am adding a air bubble wall to supply all of the oxygen my fishes
7.  i am open to any suggestions.  please advice!  thank you all


ps.  i'm also thinking about putting crabs into my tank, but i'm afraid that
those crabs are aggressive enought to kill my fish.  any suggestions?