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RE: snails eating plants


(<Standard Disclaimer >)
Please note that these opinions are not ment to harass, spam, flame,
invoke hostility, etc.. in any manner.  However if anyone feels that it
is then it's taken out of context.
(<Standard Disclaimer >)

First off holes in plants can be caused from several things, rot,
insects, fish, deficiencys/excess of chemicals and other stuff like
that.  Before I put *ANY* chemical in my tank I would know what it's
doing, why I have to use it and be *VERY* sure that it's needed.

Second what type of snails are they?  From my readings most snail damage
is minimal unless there's a horde of them or the plants are in a weak
condition (again back to lack /excess of trace elements)

And lastly I am very concerned what made you decide to go the chemical
route when your not sure if a) the snails are the cause b) some element
isn't off and c) the effects of the 'snail eradication' chemicals.
Often time local fish stores will sell all sorts of nasty stuff and if
you read the labels you'll find most of them say "not intended for food
stock, or foods ment for human consumption" and other similar hazards to
peoples healths.  which reminds me, if it's hazardous to OUR health (and
we have a far better immune system than does anything in our tanks) then
what's it doing to our aquatics?


>> Hi all,
>> I have decided that I need to go the chemical route to rid my 120g
>> of snails--the clown loaches have/do eat many of them, however they
>> not eat them once they get too big.  I'm pretty sure the snails are
>> ones munching holes in many of my plants and I do manually
>> many of them when it is still dark in the morning and I flip on the
>> light, but it is a waste of time--too many.
>> What should I use-chemical wise --to rid the tank of them?  Any
>> I don't want to hurt the fish or plants of course.