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Re: Marginal Plantings

>Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 18:50:55 EST
>From: Dennis8425 at aol_com
>Subject: Re: Marginal plantings
>The idea sounds great with one exception.  Most of the styrofoam I see is
>white or light blue.  Is there a way to paint it like natural rocks that is
>for aquarium use?

Here in Australia we have a few products that are used to seal water tanks,

The one I use is called EMASTAK and is manufactured by the Emoleum company.
It starts as a thick sludge that you dilute with water until you get a
brushable consistency then you paint it on and throw a mixture of dirt and
sand on it and allow to dry. Then shake off the excess. When dry it is water

when installing the foam, I use silicone glue liberally, allow time to dry
well and then seal all round the edges with a bead of glue as well and
rarely have problems
with lifting.

I use heavy density foam for better strength and the heat from the soldering
iron makes it denser still. I have been told that gelcoat for fibreglass
(which can be pigmented) can be used too but I have not used it myself. With
foam backdrops it is relatively easy to design in chambers to disguise
internal canister filters, hide heaters, simulate caves etc.

 I recommend you do it in a well ventilated place. You can get a good result
also with an electric drill and a wire brush and then seal with a heat gun
for stripping paint - only problem is bits of foam everywhere ;-)

Good luck !!!!


Bruce Hansen, A.N.G.F.A., Advancing Australian Aquatics.

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