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Light Spectrum

Paul Westall wrote:
> Hi all, I only recently subscribed to this list (great info) and have
> a question about flourescent bulbs.  I have read that "most" aquarium
> plants prefer a buld with color temp less than 5300-5400K.  But, many
> people on the list seem to have great success with higher temp, bluer,
> In the past I have used 5500K metal halide which seemed to work well.  Do
> you think that 6500K flourescent bulbs are too blue for most freshwater
> plants?  Or, how about a mix of Chroma50 and Chroma 75?

When they said, "let there be light" they meant a lot of it, with less
concern for
spectral consideration. There's endless debate in the Krib.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net