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Killimyth #1: They only live a year.

>> If you search the APD archives you will find many postings on the
>> American Flag Fish. IMHO it is by far the best algae eating fish
>> around. It eats large amounts of algae. They will quickly clear your
>> tank of filament type algae. The one big problem I have with them is a
>> high mortality rate. It may be the soft and slightly acid water
>> condition I maintain doesn't agree with them. 
>I have a male and female.  I have no previous experience with this fish, but
>one of the emps. at my LFS says that because they are killies, they only
>live a year or so.  I don't know if this is true or not.  They are good hair
>algae eaters, but you have to starve 'em.  If you feed them, they'll eat
>less, or course.  Hard to do with other fishes in the tank.  It may take
>more than a pair to make a dent in a tank my size - 75 gallons.

Some, but not many, killies live a year. You won't find
these in the wild in the US or in pet shops though.

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