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Re:Flowering plant #2

> Hey guys
>         I recently posted about what I thought was Aponogeton ulvaceus
> flowering in my tank. First one shoot went up and the flower was not what
> the book described. It said flower twin spiked and yellow. Then said self
> sterile. I'm no botonist but I do now have two spikes from the base of the
> plant to the surface is that what twin spiked means. The flower is also
> weird. In stead of one flower. It's a stalk about 4-6 in. long with little
> flowers in rings around the stalk. There must be thirty or forty to each
> flower spike. Does the self sterile mean I should not try and poolinate it
> between the two flowers. Will it do this it's self.

In my experience, most of the aponogetons, unless they are bought from a
nursery like Tropica, are probably hybrids.  What you describe is two
flower spikes, not a twin spiked flower.  Go ahead and try to pollinate
it, you never know. Use a soft brush up and down the flower stalk,
you'll see the pollen falling off into the water.  However, you might
end up with more plants than you bargained for.

Ed Hengel