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Carbo-plus CO2 generator

	Someone asked that there be a follow-up to the off-digest exchange
on the CO2 generator discussion.  I have received information from Merrill
on the power consumption, claimed CO2 production rate, size
of carbon block and extent of visible gas emission.

	Based on the following:

	There is no visible hydrogen emission.
	There is no visible erosion of the carbon block
	There is deposition of a solid, believed to be CaCO3

	I am pretty confident that the stated mechanism for formation
of CO2 is not correct (electrolysis of water, with the O attacking the C).
Given the specifications of the device, the hydrogen emission should be
easily visible, the carbon block should be eroded quite noticeably, and
CaCO3 should not be deposited.

	It _may_ be making CO2 by:

	Ca++  +  2HCO3-   ->  CaCO3  +  CO2

	I would be interested to hear how well it functions in very soft water.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada