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how many plants?

I have what will probably seem to most as a very basic question but I really
would like to hear some opinions.  I am starting a 29 gallon South American
biotope aquarium.  The following is a list of plants I intend to use:

2 Echinidorus paniculatus (Amazon sword)
5 Echinidorus tenellus (Dward sword)
1 Hydrocotle leucocephala (water pennywort)
8 Alternathera (green Alternathera)

First, are these enough plants to start with?  After looking at the list, I am
starting to think not. There is, however, a large piece of driftwood taking up
some space. 

I will be using 60 watts of light, and CO2 via yeast method.  I have laterite
in the substrate and will use Tetra Flora Pride and Hilena Crypto.  The pH is
7.0, KH - 71.6 and GH - 53.7.  I do not plan on testing iron, I will just "eye
ball" my plants and adjust accordingly.  Does anyone have any opinions
regarding the types of plants I have chosen and have any words of advice as it
pertains to your own experience with these plants?  Thanks to everyone for
your help