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It's me again :)

I just wanted to let everyone who helped me with my 125 gallon tank setup to
know how it is going.  I am just thrilled!

I set it up with a layer of potting soil (2-3in), a small layer of canadian
peat moss(1/2 - 1in), a layer of cat litter (2in) and a layer of gravel
(2in).  It is planted with everything I liked in the pet shop tanks,
including some 2 large swords, anacharis, cabomba, java fern, giant hygro,
hornwort, spiral val, and about 4 other species that I don't know what they

Well, the tank has been set up for one week, did my first water change last
night and had to prune everything back tonight.  I had to prune about 6-8
inches of growth on the hornwort, about 5 inches on the anacharis, and the
same on one of those that I don't know what it is.  Bubbles are just
streaming to the surface and the bazillion fish I have in the tank are just
thrilled to be there.  Oh yeah, the rest of the set up.

Get this.  the only thing in the tank are two 200watt Visi Therm heaters set
at 79*F.  Other than that, I have a hodgepodge of lights above the tank: 2
4' doublebulb shoplights with sylvania cool white bulbs and 2 4'
striplights, one with a 50/50 bulb and one with 2 2ft perfecto bulbs; all
piled on top of each other.  No filtration or aeration what so ever.

I have 3 dwarf neon gouramis, 2 giant gouramis (the kind that looks like the
neons, but 3x the size), 8 dime size angelfish, 3 rams, 8 neon tetras, 10
black neon tetras, 6 rainbow fish, 6 SAEs and false SAEs,  and a geophagus

I am supplementing with Kent Freshwater Supplement and treating the water
with Waters of The World Southeast Asian conditioner, although I think I
will stop that.  I am giving the rainbows to a friend and trading the neons
in at the pet store and adding killifish.  The discus will come next month.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone thanks (especially Tony who sent me
to this list), and let you know how well your advice is working.  Maybe it
is just new tank syndrome of a sort, but the tank is just beautiful and
everyone who comes over spends about half an hour in my bedroom sitting in
front of it.  Thanks again :)

sunshine at comteck_com