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Re: American Flagfish

I got a pair of American flagish for my 20 gallon tank that was getting an increasingly
bad case of thread algae.  They went to picking at the stuff as soon as they got in the
tank.  I still have some residual algae, but they have done their part.

They are listed as slightly aggressive, but I haven't had any problems with them (maybe
they are just getting cheap shots at the guppies and neons when I am not looking).
Plus, I have seen them for about 1.50 at Petsmart.  I tried searching for info about
them and couldn't come up with anything.


> >From: Jennifer Glover <jglover at autometric_com>
> Subject: Jordanella floridae (American Flag)
> I was wondering what people know about the Jordanella floridae or American Flag
> fish.  I have a publication from Dennerle (Dennerle Know-How, "Algae prblems?  We
> solved them long ago:")  This is a promotional catalog concerning their algae
> products, but like most of their catalogs, it has a lot of cool info too.  On the
> last page there is a picture of a fish that looks pretty good for an algae eater.
> The caption by the picture says:
> "A little known but good algae eater is Jordanell florida, the American Flag."
> Has anyone ever seen these fish or used them in their aquariums?  I am going to do
> some web crawling for info on these fish, but was wondering about people's hands-on
> knowledge.  In the recent discussions on this list about algae eaters, the name
> didn't come up I think.  For people in North America, it might be a close-to-home
> addition to tanks.  There seems to be so many fish that are popular that do not come
> >from North America, so I was thinking about doing some investigation into a North
> American stream tank or something.  Is this how the obsession starts?  First it is
> just one tank, but then another, and then another...
> Coming out of my lurking,
> Jennifer Glover