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iron deficiency?

Can anyone help me pinpoint the culprit nutrient deficiency in my tank? 
My symptoms include:
light green to yellowish (transparent) growth in an amazon sword (what most 
would consider a fast grower) with diminished growth.

Yellowish to brown leaf rims on anubias barteri var. nana with extremely 
slow growth and very small leaves.

Very light green to almost whitish leaf growth on a dwarf lily which is 
developing small brown spots.

Other plants, including crypts, Echin. Ocelot, Echin. Tenellus, and java 
ferns seem not to be affected.  Altho. Crypts did have extensive root 
systems when transplanted, but have had great leaf growth before and after.
I have read the KRIB and Jeff Dietsch's nutrient deficiency charts and keep 
coming up with the same thing, iron deficiency.  However, both charts 
suggest the symptoms will appear in newer growth.  Are these symptoms the 
result of some other deficiency perhaps.
My parameters:  20 Gal tank, 60watt incandescent lighting (perhaps too high 
for a slow growth tank? Or maybe not:)), soil-peat-vermiculite mix in 
substrate covered by pea gravel.  Osmocote time release fertilizer pellets 
in substrate, but no water column fertilization.
Any help would be appreciated!  I'd like to have some more certainty before 
I go playing in the fertilization playground!:)

Joe Anderson
A Relaxed and Economical Approach to Fish Keeping