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SAE's in stock in Kansas

I've noticed a few Kansans or KC area folk on here from time to time.  I am
pleased to announce that SAE's have finally reappeared in this area.  I had
not seen any here for over 2 years, and then it was just once.  But Pet
World in Lawrence got 100 Friday.  They also got a dozen Caridina Japonica
aka Amano shrimp.  I have bought some of each, and can confirm that the
SAE's are true SAE's and the shrimp match the pictures I have found on the
'net.  They are a little bit pricey at $5.49 for the SAE's and $4 something
for the shrimp, but hey, they have them! ('sides, I got 'em cheap for
finding the wholesaler for them;-)  Both species are happily at home in my
tank, and the SAE's are munching away.  I don't know about the shrimp for
certain, because I need to trim my plants - I can't see most of my fish!  

If you go out to get some, be sure and talk to Mike, the fish room manager,
and thank him.  He has been trying for over a 2 years to get true SAE's, and
fish room managers or LFS owners who work with their customers need all the
encouragement and positive feedback they can get.  If you REALLY want to
encourage him, you could pick up a couple of the false SAE's he still has
from the last shipment of "true SAE's" he got.  

Pet World is at 711 W 23rd (10 Highway) in Lawrence, in The Malls shopping
center at 23rd and Louisiana.


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