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Green Water

After having set up 3 planted tanks and a pond I'm beginning to wonder.  In
all the cases I had a bad bout of green water during run in.  I tried a
bunch of stuff then something "cured" it.  I now don't think I actually
cured it.  On this last biggest and most ambitious project I just let the
tank sit, it went away.

One think that always strikes me is the wide varieties of green water cures
APD list offers and the sort of lack of information generally on this
scourge.  Is it possible that green water has a just runs itself out, that
it has a cycle in captive environments, king of like a yeast bottle?  It may
choke on it's own waste products, which don't seem to harm anything else, or
the density may increase until a predator microbe move in a kills it.  I
think this is the case and that new tanks are especially venerable, perhaps
because the predator microbe hasn't moved into the substrate or something.
Tanks may "inoculate" themselves.

Any thoughts?


Adam R. Novitt