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Re: Qualified Comments

James wrote:
>>Darren, someone else has already "clipped" you for this, and I can only
that you read my comments to Susan. This list is for everybody, not just for
PhD's. But, and this is a BIG but, if you don't feel qualified, why bother
answering a question? As you were reminded earlier, it would be a shame if
someone killed a tank of fish because you gave them advice you were not
certain was correct. At the very least you should perhaps preface the
comments you don't feel qualified to answer with the fact that you are only
giving your opinion.<<

Hopefully, you read my response to the other "clipper" on this and I won't
repeat myself or attempt to defend my statement.  I always make it clear
what is opinion and what is actual experience, and usually present the story
behind the experience my reply is based upon.

It was a poorly constructed sentence and did not convey the meaning I meant
it to, apparently, so don't hit me anymore, please? :-)

If you guys need me, I'll be hiding in the closet with Susan Romano :-).