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Re: Immersive Marginal Areas?

Michael, thanks for the suggestions!

Michael Nielsen writes:

>If you are handy I would suggest acrylic for the channel.  If you wanted
>to see the roots and stuff use the clear, otherwise black or some other
>color would look very sharp.  You can cut it to the perfect size, drill
>what you wants and even router the edges for a rounded look.

The more I think about it, the more that sounds like a great idea...  I'm
also considering incorporating some of the "flame molded" styrofoam sheets
underneath, which would also help close the visible overhang...  Hmmm...
Maybe a glass strip over the styro to help hold it down, and then another
one, gapped 1/4" or so perpendicular to it to as the inside wall of the
planting area?  Large gravel in the bottom of the tray would allow flow and
keep the rest of the substrate in the channel...

>For attachment the hanging idea would be the best.  No way for even just a
>quarter inch on each side?

Nope -- I got a little extreme on this one to make sure that condensation,
etc, wouldn't be draining down the back wall and sides of the cabinet, and
that the humidity wouldn't adversely affect anything on the next "shelf" up.

>Another option if you can partially drain the tank would be to silicone
>glass pieces onto the sides of the tank and the back and use these to put
>the tray onto.  It would be very strong and only visible on the sides.
>The piece of glass could be very small, just 1"X1" or so.

Hmmm... This sounds promising.  Draining the tank isn't a problem -- no
water in it yet :-)  We've spent the last two weeks building the cabinetry,
which was an experience, 'cause neither my wife nor myself have any
carpentry talents whatsoever... :-)  Paint goes on the outer face today
(hurray!) and then on to areas I'm a lot more comfortable with -- plumbing,
lights and decor :-)  The goal is to have the tank up and running by the end
of the year.  (it's what we're giving each other for xmas :-)

- Chcuk