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Re: Carbon dioxide leak? Valve failure? Overfill?

In a message dated 98-12-13 03:59:31 EST, you write:

> << 
>   I took the tank back and of course they gave me another.  Their only
>   explanation is that it must have been overfilled and when it warmed up
>   in my car it was enough to blow the safety valve, which could have been
>   defective.   >>
>  Very strange, crazily strange. I taught H.S. physics and chemistry and have
>  never heard of such. The gas at human-car temperatures should not, would
>  have caused the OP valve to open (goes to several hundred psi, and that's
>  at a stated ambient temp.)... and it could not have been overfilled... even
>  all the way to the top... very strange and scary. Could it be the temp. of 
> the
>  liquefied gas causing the valve to fail as the cylinder lay over less than
>  vertical?
How 'bout this explanation.  They tank and the CO2 was cold, and they
overfilled the tank, so it contained a *lot* of liquid CO2 and not much gas.
The liquid is not compressable, so when it expands (due to the temperature
rising to ambiant) the pressure skyrockets.  It's been a while since I have
seen a phase diagram for CO2, but the more liquid you put in a pressure tank,
the less compressable room you have left.  And liquids expand when they are

I've seen some really heated discussion about this topic on an airgun forum.