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re:>>To Bottled CO2

In a message dated 98-12-12 16:01:40 EST, you write:

>"James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
>Subject: Moving from Yeast CO2 to Bottled CO2
>I'm considering switching over to bottled CO2, and would like to know how
>people with multiple tanks handle this. Do you have multiple CO2 cylinders,
>each with a regulator, or can I get one 20 lb. CO2 bottle, use a single
>regulator and then bleed the CO2 gas into multiple tanks?
I have about 6 tanks now working of of one CO2 bottle.  What I did was
was set the regulator so I have barely enough pressure to push it to
all my tanks and get it bubbling.  From the presure regulator I simply have
a reducer that bring is down to standard airline size.  From the centeral
air line I branc it off to a manifold with 12 needle valves on it very simular
to what are used for standared areation control but slightly higher quality.

In each of the tanks I'm using a different type of homemade reactor.  So
far my only problem was when I tried to use a silinoid to shut it off at night
the one I used only reduced my flow and leaked.  So I'm now running it 
24/7 untill I solve the silinoid problem.