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RE: CO2 or not CO2 ?

Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions regarding the issue of providing
the same amount of CO2 to 4 separate tanks without going to the expense of
individual solenoids and pH controllers on each setup. Keep it coming,

But I'm beginning to think that maybe my original supposition requires even
more tinkering and re-working before this can be considered even worthwhile

I want to see if there are any qualatative differences between the major
lines of aquarium fertilizers/substrates. If adding CO2 can be so
problematic (insofar as ensuring equality among 4 separate tanks), perhaps I
should just forego the use of supplemental CO2 altogether. That way, any
differences in the tank would be more than likely due to the completeness of
the fertilizers than it would be to more or less CO2 (and we all know how
well CO2 can enhance growth).

If I omit fish from the tanks during the period of the study I could cut out
yet another variable.

Does this make any more sense?


James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario