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RE: Moving from Yeast CO2 to Bottled CO2

"James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
Subject: Moving from Yeast CO2 to Bottled CO2
I'm considering switching over to bottled CO2, and would like to know how
people with multiple tanks handle this. Do you have multiple CO2 cylinders,
each with a regulator, or can I get one 20 lb. CO2 bottle, use a single
regulator and then bleed the CO2 gas into multiple tanks?


I am using the high pressure/Eheim diffuser method. Yes you are correct the
air line Tees and connectors/valves tend to leak at this pressure (15-20#).
Home depot does have sutible tubing connectors. I have my co2 tank in the
basement along with a solinoid, tubing goes upstairs and a tee branches to
each aquarium tank into the diffuser. I am now experimenting with a flow
valve at each tank. More later.

Ric Cooney, N3BRB
rcooney at bcpl_net
Aquatic Gardeners Association
Baltimore, MD