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Re: bottom cover for these conditions

>I'm in search of a carpet forming plant for the bottom of my 33
>gallon.  I've been around through the lilaeopsis
>brasilensis/glossostigma conversation.  I'm presently trying this 
>with poor to OK results.  

I have conditions in my 30 gal tank similar to yours.  When I was at 
the Randallstown Aquarium center this summer I saw one of their 
display tanks planted with Micranthemum as a foreground cover and 
liked the effect, so I bought one bunch.  My tank has pea gravel as 
substrate, but in the front I spread a finer gravel for the small 
roots to hang onto.  It has worked very well for me.  The 
Micranthemum spread across the fine gravel area very quickly with a 
lush green carpet, but has not grown beyond that area.  Now I have to 
trim it to keep it down to about an inch thick.  I do fertilize the 
substrate with jobe's sticks occasionally, and add PMDD to the water 
column daily.  

Cathy Hartland