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>I think my tank is in good condition.
>My plants start bubbling within 1.5 hours afeter light-on.
>Glossostigama, riccia, cryptocorine.. are in good condition, but my
Lilaeopsis is jusk O.K.(not good)
>Does anyone have any experience with bubbling Lilaeopsis, or is this
originally non-bubbling plant?
>Someone said this plant grows well in hard water(especially high KH), then
how high?
>In the middle-part of the bunch(older leaves), the Lilaeopsis has a bit
green-healthier color, but new sprouts and individualy planted parts have
dark leaves.(It's not melting, but similar in color)
>Is it Ca deficiency?
>I put some MgSO4, and raise GH from 4.5 to 6.
>How' your Lilaeopsis?

I haven't happened to notice whether it bubbles or not, but Lilaeopsis
grows very well for me.  My KH and GH are both about 5.  Don't forget that
if you bought the plant potted, it was probably emerse grown.  The leaves
are longer and flatter and a little lighter green in the emersed state.  

If all your other plants are growing well, I wouldn't sweat the Lilaeopsis.
 I don't know of anyone who can grow every plant in the same tank.  The
conditions that favor one just won't suit another.  It's just like
"community" fish tanks.  Just because two fish are "community" fish,
doesn't necessarily mean they'll work well in the same tank.

I don't know anyone who is successfully keeping good lawns of both
Lilaeopsis and Glossostigma going in the same tank.  Conditions that favor
one seem to be difficult for the other.  If there _IS_ anyone on the list
who has both plants really doing well in the same tank, I'd love to hear
about their set up.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association