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Qualified Comments

Susan Romano wrote, in APD #700:

> I stand corrected and will not answer in the future any questions that
> involve a PHD on this highly technical discussion group. I'm glad that it
> is because the books aren't helping all that much it seems.

Mmmmmm, Susan - please don't let one small faux pas shut you up. Karen, and
everyone else who has commented on this has reminded you that the criticism
was against the information in the BOOK, not directed against you

I've learned more from this list than I have from all of my aquarium books
put together. I value the fact that there are a lot of professional
scientists here who are more than willing to correct me when I'm going in
the wrong direction (which I do quite a bit, but that's another story). But
just as valuable as the scientists are, so are the regular aquarists who are
on this list and who, like me and like you, jump in every now and again and
answer a question when we feel qualified to answer it. Don't let a temptest
in a teacup spoil your enjoyment or your use of the list.

On the same vein, Darren R. Gold made the following comment:

> Personally, I comment on anything whether I'm qualified or not!
> :-)

Darren, someone else has already "clipped" you for this, and I can only ask
that you read my comments to Susan. This list is for everybody, not just for
PhD's. But, and this is a BIG but, if you don't feel qualified, why bother
answering a question? As you were reminded earlier, it would be a shame if
someone killed a tank of fish because you gave them advice you were not
certain was correct. At the very least you should perhaps preface the
comments you don't feel qualified to answer with the fact that you are only
giving your opinion.

The foregoing was _my_ opinion.


James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario