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Big Fish/Small Fish

It can be difficult when thrown into the tank with the big fish and we
shouldn't all hide behind the rocks for fear that we don't possess all the
credibility of the behemoths. Darren Gold said that:

< I would never answer a question from someone with information I wasn't
sure of.  I will, however, express opinions <(withmaximum verbosity) which
are clearly labeled as such.  I will also partake in debates on subjects I
know are <outside of my expertise, but that I have some understanding of
and if some of my facts are wrong, that is an excellent <opportunity for
people to correct me.

As you mentioned, all opinions, should be labelled as such. However, should
a person profer advise that they truly believe to be correct and are
subsequently proven wrong, courtesy dictates that they are notified in a
non-deflative manner and that the the erroneous person admit their mistake.

I'm sure it's safe to go back into the water.

Susan Romano