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Question Answering Qualifications, was Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #700

>Darren R. Gold said:
>>Personally, I comment on anything whether I'm qualified or not! :-)  If
>>wrong, it prompts someone with the correct or more in-depth  answer to
>>[big snip]
>>99.9% might as well just read the APD like a newsletter and never say

Dave responded:
>Sorry Darren but I must disagree.  If you aren't sure you're right, be
>quiet and wait for someone who knows.  How would you feel if someone read
>your post and lost a tank of fish because they believed it?

Oh yeah? Well at least I don't keep changing the subject line to "Aquatic
Plants Digest V3 #700"  :-)!

What I said was "comment".  I would never answer a question from someone
with information I wasn't sure of.  I will, however, express opinions (with
maximum verbosity) which are clearly labeled as such.  I will also partake
in debates on subjects I know are outside of my expertise, but that I have
some understanding of and if some of my facts are wrong, that is an
excellent opportunity for people to correct me.

Basically, the most dangerous advice here is given by people who ARE sure
that they DO know the answer, and offer it up as fact, and it turns out to
be wrong.  We are all guilty of that to some extent, but I will never answer
a question from someone seeking assistance unless I have hands-on experience
with the specific subject.  I feel I have the right to _!comment!_ on
anything however, and I have seen you do the same.

Let's not force everybody into lurkerdom because they are not botanists and
biologists and fear being flamed to hell because they might say one wrong
thing.  That's all I meant.  Hey, maybe I should've just said that to begin
with!  :-)