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Erik O writes:
At another point (on another forum), he chastised me for mentioning that 
incandescent lighting *might* work under some situations.  These things, he 
says, merely discourage and confuse beginners.  I should just tell people 
"this is how much light to use in your tank. Don't use incandescents. 
 They're bad."

I like being bad I guess.  I've had excellent results (as far as I'm 
concerned) using incandescent lighting.  And, I believe others have as 
well.  Sometimes to "rule out" alternative options is just as likely to 
lead to disaster as providing too much information.
I applaud Erik's efforts at the KRIB.  If not for his and other similar 
sites, many beginners (myself included) would not be able to see ALL the 
options and thus choose the ONE that works best for our  particular needs.

Joe Anderson
A Relaxed and Economical Approach to Fish Keeping