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this "highly technical discussion group"

Susan Romano wrote:

>I stand corrected and will not answer in the future any questions that
>involve a PHD on this highly technical discussion group. I'm glad that it
>is because the books aren't helping all that much it seems.

Susan.  There's nothing wrong in making a mistake, or even over simplifying
something.  That's how we learn from each other.  If you were confused, I'd
bet my bottom dollar that there were at least a dozen others who had the
same misconception you did, and just don't post very often.  Don't take
offense at a mis-statement being corrected, and by all means keep posting!<g> 

BTW, _very_ few of us have PHD's... particularly in a field that has any
relevance to these discussions!  Most of us have learned something from
books, a lot from years of hands on experience, and a _tremendous_ amount
from sharing our ideas with other hobbyists. 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association