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bottom cover for these conditions

I'm in search of a carpet forming plant for the bottom of my 33 gallon.  
I've been around through the lilaeopsis brasilensis/glossostigma 
conversation.  I'm presently trying this with poor to OK results.  
Glosso is holding its own, sending up and out new shoots VERY slowly.  
Brasilensis is not doing much of anything, occasionaly a new shoot or 

Tank Parameters are:
33 gallons @ 26 deg C
kH 4 to 8 dh
gH 14 to 18 dh
pH 6.5 with CO2 addition(DIY)
100w t8 light spx41(4100k), soon to have a couple chroma 50's and a 75
plain, mulmified(ha) gravel about 3-4 mm
u/g underneath shut down for 5 months, undoubtedly partially filled with 

current plants,status
anubias barteri var. nana, recently introduced and growing well
java fern - windelov - not a great high light plant, but growing fast
cryptocryne nevli(I think) - totally stalled by CO2
valerensia - going gangbusters 2 or 3 one foot tall plants a week
giant val - growing well, about a foot a week
misc. echinordorus - slow, small growth
glossostigma - very slow growth
lilaeopsis brasilensis - very, very slow growth

bio load:
on hold till I get a good carpet plant that the fish can't destroy.
-a few kuhli loaches
-7 otocinclus
-2 or 3 ghost shrimp
-probably a nice group of clown loaches to come soon, maybe some 

Anybody have any suggestions?  I'd like to keep the carpet under about 3 
or 4 inches max, the lower the better.

Thanks in advance,
Colin Anderson 

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