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Dupla CO2 kit

Forgive me for asking a dumb question, but I need help understanding the instructions
to my CO2 kit.  This may not be the right forum to ask, but at least this group will
not outrageously flame me.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1.) Full the Duplatest-Retort with 100ml or 200 ml of water.
2.) While rotating it lightly, drip in CO2 reactant until light pink colour is
3.) Add one or two further drops if the pink colour disappears.
4.) The pink colour must remain for at least one minute.
5.) Results: 100ml - 1 drop = 2 mg CO2/l
	     200ml - 1 drop = 1 mg CO2/l

What does this mean?  Is this just a test to see if you have enough CO2 and can't be
used to determine the CO2 amount?  I know I could always use PH and hardness, but I
am lazy and sometimes buffer my water.  Also, I was hoping that I didn't waste my
money on a test kit I will never use.  I understand how to follow the directions (I
am not completely lacking cerebral tissue), but I don't understand what the results

Jennifer Glover