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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #698

> >...(which comes to about 73" inches of fish)
> >
> >For filtration I have a Whisper "2" power filter (listed for 10-20 gal.) w/
> >only floss  (this filter is used for purely mechanical filtration) and a
> >Marineland Biowheel 30 powered by a powerhead with a sponge prefilter.
> >The tank has not shown any measurable levels of NH4 in months.  I have been
> >told that plants prefer ammonia over nitrate.  If this is the case then
> >would it be better for me to not use the biowheel (since it converts all the
> >ammonia to nitrate) and just rely on the plants to take care of the ammonia?
> >I was just wondering... What are peoples thoughts on this?

Not to be a technical weenie, but a whisper 2 is rated from something like 10 to
40 gallon tanks.  The compact model is rated for up to 20 gallon tanks.  Do the
fish or plants seem to mind?  I would try the system without the biowheel.  Watch
the nitrate/ammonia levels carefully until the tank has had a chance to re-settle
with the changes.

Well, with that many fish producing CO2, extra CO2 fertilization probably won't
help all that much.

But these are just my two cents.