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Crispus and CO2 longevity

I've had A. crispus for about a year and a half.  It was constantly
sending up spikes, even sending up two spikes at once, until I finally
let it seed.  The seed developed and sprouted right on the flower, and
the seed never dropped off.  The mother plant then went very quiet,
although it continues to send up replacement leaves (still hasn't sent
up another spike, and it's probably been six months by now).

Rather than try to separate the seed from the stalk, I snipped off a
section and planted it.  The stalk disintegrated, and the tiny crispus
masqueraded as dwarf sag for six months -- in fact, when I transferred
all the plants to a larger tank, I studied each small piece of sag
carefully to try and find the crispus.  I couldn't find it, and assumed
I'd buried and killed it.

Sure enough, though, within a week of adding CO2 to the tank, a crispus
sprouted out of the sag patch.  It's growing quickly.


CO2 question -- 

What's the longest anyone's gotten a 2 liter DIY setup to last?  I
thought it was only supposed to last about 3 weeks or so, but my first
bottle is still visibly bubbling away, and it's been about six weeks... 

It's sitting directly on top of the tank, so perhaps the heat from the
lights has helped its longevity?  

Alysoun McLaughlin