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Re: Perfecto SHO vs. Power Compacts and where to buy?


Well, that's what I get for trying to diagnose without knowing all the facts
:-).  Your symptoms sound alot like mine when I started my first plant tank.
I was unaware, at that time, that most of the plants purchased in my LFS had
emersed form leaves which were SUPPOSED to die off after a few weeks of
submersion, and then I was supposed to wait for the new leaves to grow in.
In a panic, I began shotgun solution seeking, and really dug a deep hole
(and grew a nice algae farm).  I began using R/O water, straight, and ended
up with new leaves which were pale, twisted little Igors only a mother could
love.  Always remember to allow time for whatever changes you make to take
effect before abandoning it and trying something else.

Paul wrote:
>>Also, I've been fertilizing the substrate with Flourish tablets, and I was
using liquid Flourish and Flourish Iron for a time, but that only seemed to
encourage green thread algae.  On the advice of several people, I will start
experimenting with some CO2 (even at my lower light levels) along with very
small additions of micronutrients.<<

Here is the balancing act again.  If you are short of any nutrient, your
plants will stall, and algae will utilize the nutrients which you have in
excess.  Also, if you are fertilizing, feeding the fish, and running a
"slow" system (no CO2, low lighting) you will also get algae.  I use
Flourite, Flourish, and Flourish tabs in my 40 gallon and I have excellent
growth, but I'm running CO2 and around 2.5 watts/gallon.

Adding CO2 and fertilizer without also jacking up your lighting would only
make things worse (IMHO, YMMV, etc.)  So, if you are going to move into the
fast lane, do it all the way (CO2, enhanced lighting, Micro/macronutrient
additions).  Picking only one or two elements will be a major mistake.

>>I'm also going to remove the rockwool from around the roots and maybe
replant them in pots with some potting soil. <<

Potting in soil might be very helpful, though I've never had the need with
plants such as swords.  I'm out on a limb here, but I never had any problems
with rockwool.  I usually remove it, but occasionally I have a delicate
little crypt or something and I leave it potted.  At one time, I purchased
two almost identical pots of Cryptocoryne wendtii and planted one bare, one
with the pot and rockwool, right next to each other.  The potted wendtii
grew like a weed and spread out of the pot, while the other took several
weeks to settle in and never matched it's brother (sister?).  FWIW

>>Thanks!  This is turning out to be quite challenging, but at least it
me off the streets :):).<<

Wait 'til the Visa statement comes with all the aquarium charges on it.
You'll be back on the streetcorner selling hornwort cuttings for .50  :-).