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Re: plants

> When the pH is above 7 is the ammonium turn to ammonia? And if it turns
> to ammonia is this dangerous to plants? I have a friend who just started
> his tank about two weeks ago and he planted it right away. His plants
> look unhealthy. His set up should be growing the plants with ease, he is
> doing the same as I am and I have been successful with the same type of
> plants that he is growing. After going round and round with him about
> what may be causing his plants to look brownish with thin leaves  the
> only conclusion I can come to is that the tank is cycling. Though he
> does say that his pH is right at 7?

Plants in a new aquarium take a couple of weeks to develop roots to the
point where they can grow reasonably. Some slow growing plants like
Crypts take even longer to establish a good root system. Your friend may
have a new substrate which is poor in certain nutrients and that may
also make a big difference even if the water nutrients you use are the
same. The ammonia/nitrogen cycle is not the cause of his problems.
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