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Re: Replacing MH Ballasts

"James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com> sez:
>I assume (please correct me if I'm wrong) that I only need open the "ballast
>box" and replace the actual ballast inside (like replacing the ballast on a
>fluorescent fixture). Are all MH ballasts the same (given the fact that I
>get one rated for a 175 W bulb)?
I'm *way* out of my expertise here, but traditional MH ballasts mainly consist
of a big "constant wattage" transformer.  There's probably also a capacitor in
there somewhere, and the capacitor would be the weak link.  You should be able
to test the capacitor and transformer seperately and just replace the
capacitor if it is bad.  If the transformer is bad, you can probably replace
the whole ballast cheaper than replacing or rewinding the transformer.  If you
have an electronic ballast (like an Icecap), all bets are off.

Check with the folks on sci.engr.lighting.  There are a few experts that hang
out over there and they can be very helpful.

good luck and best regards,