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dangers of a pressurized gas cylinder?

>Someone mentioned "I'm not convinced that it is cheaper than a DIY 
>pressurized system, but it was pretty neat, and has the advantage that 
>there are none of the dangers of a pressurized gas cylinder."
>Can you elaborate on the dangers of a pressurized gas cylinder? I keep 
>mine secured to the wall so it cannot fall and snap the valve off. The 
>tank test date is current, the regulator is OK, is there another danger 
>I should be aware of?

The only other is that the tank must be kept in an upright position when in
use.  This seems obvious to me, but I was horrified to do into a Dr's house
recently and see a 20 lb tank sitting sideways underneath the stand
"because it doesn't fit standing up".  I would have thought they'd teach
them something about the dangers of pressurized gas in med school - I know
vet schools cover it.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association