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Replacing MH Ballasts

Several years ago I bought 3 Energy Saver's Unlimited 175W Metal Halide
pendants for my large show tank. Two of the fixtures have seemingly bit the
dust - I tried replacing the bulbs to no effect - one fixture refuses to
light up at all and the other flickers wildly and goes on and off as if
possessed, generally blowing a fuse in the process. I assume that I have two
bad ballasts.

I've tried contacting Energy Saver's Unlimited via both snail mail and
e-mail to no avail - they just ignore me (the units ARE out of warranty at
this point in time). So I guess its time to look for replacement ballasts
locally. My question is what do I ask for? I have gone to several lighting
fixture stores which do a lot of industrial business but they look at me as
if I'm crazy - they can't imagine why anyone would have such a unit in their
residence and claim to have no idea of what type of ballast that I need. I
know that Hydroponics stores sell MH kits but when visiting them I'm left
with the strong impression that I would likely end up with a rebuilt
"surplus type" ballast. Would one of these work with the Energy Saver
pendant fixture?

I assume (please correct me if I'm wrong) that I only need open the "ballast
box" and replace the actual ballast inside (like replacing the ballast on a
fluorescent fixture). Are all MH ballasts the same (given the fact that I
get one rated for a 175 W bulb)?

Finally, any idea of a fair (or at least reasonable) price range for this
item? (Canadian experience greatly appreciated).


James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario