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RE: Plant ID


It sounds like aquatic bladderwort (Utricularia species (gibba,
vulgaris, macrorhiza, minor, purpurea, inflata, volubilis, and
reticulata)) Food requirments are daphia (water fleas) and other
microscopic life in the water column, stuff like fungus gnat larvae.  If
you find you don't like it please send it to me :) i'll be more than
happy to take care of it (put it with my other carnivorous plants)


I had a stowaway on my last order of plants, and I was wondering if
someone could help me ID it.

It is thread-like--no apparent roots.  Every 1\4 inch to 3\8 inch there
is a node, with a couple of hairs (leaves?) and a bubble or bladder
smaller than a pinhead with some very fine hairs.  It is apple-green,
just floats around catching on various leaves, etc.  Any ideas?

Bob Sumner
ernesth at infi_net